The entire field is covered with a tight net to keep the ball in play and the game play fast. The net even covers the top. There's no foul territory and safety zones protect good hits. Check it out! Arena Softball rules were modified from softball to provide a faster, more exciting game that gives everyone a turn at bat. Home runs can be hit by anyone, power hitters no longer dominate, all hits are fair play and everyone plays like a pro!



  • Male or Female leagues: 9 Players, same GENDER

  • Coed leagues: Minimum 3 females

  • No league game may start with less than 5 players per side. A game consists of 4 innings of 20 pitches each. Alternatives: The number of innings and the number of pitches per innings may be altered by the umpire for various reasons (i.e.: if time needs to be made up for a late start caused by the participating teams).




  • There is no foul ball. All hit balls are live.

  • Fly balls caught off the net result in the batter being given out caught.

  • All batting innings consist of 20 legal pitches. No longer does 3 outs close an inning.

  • Teams score on defense as well as offense. The fielding side gets awarded a 1/2 run for every out.

  • Two (2) balls is a walk. Two (2) strikes is an out.

  • The batting side gets awarded a 1/2 run for every walk.


EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: for safety reasons, batters may no longer hit pitches off the bounce.