Batting Cages

RENTALS $40 for 30 min & $70 for 60 min



Cages are $2.50 per round.

One round equals 15 pitches


New Machines, netting, lighting and Card Reader System lets you refill your Cage Card with out the hassle of any waiting in line.



Our batting cages offer a terrific workout for serious baseball and softball players looking to sharpen their competitive edge. This is great practice for kids, families, or slow pitch softball players looking to tune- up their swing, or just have some fun. 6 Batting stations with 12 machines. Baseball, Fast and Slow Pitch Softball.


SELECT A PITCH: You no longer have to wait for your cage because we have the latest and greatest machines from ABC. Pick what speed you want in any of our Baseball cages.


ADJUSTABLE BALL HEIGHT: Now you can practice low balls, high balls, or anything in between by a simple adjustment located right at the batters box!


EVERY KIND OF PITCH: Baseball and Fast-Pitch Softball Players! Sharpen-up hitting skills on every speed of pitch.


VARIABLE SPEED ADJUSTMENTS: Change pitching speeds to match your ability! From slow pitch softball up to an explosive 85 mph fastball!


PITCH VARIATION: No two pitches are the same! Built in speed and placement variation assure great batting practice for baseball, fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball.


Unlike traditional batting cages which are tunnels and netted all the way through, each of our batting stations are only netted 10 feet out with the height of the ceiling being 17 feet. This "open" style cage allows the batter to see the flight of the ball after the hit, which results in a more efficient batting practice.


Teams can reserve a cage for practice use. Teams can also elect to reserve multiple cage times. A maximum of 5 advanced reservations is permissible. If a team does not arrive for it's scheduled reservation, the team will be charged for this reservation and all remaining reservations will be cancelled. We do not have a 72-hour notice rule for multiple reservations. All reservations have to be kept.

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